Five Factors For Choosing Fish For Your First Saltwater Aquarium

Fish aquariums are capable of providing a bundle of benefits to any room in the house. They can provide an aesthetic focal point to a room setting or a conversation starter for the local viewing audience. In addition, fish aquariums serve as great hobby starters for individuals wanting to develop interest and expertise in a satisfying and rewarding field. Both fresh and saltwater aquariums have their similarities as well as their unique areas of distinction. Though fresh water tanks are usually recommended for beginners to aquarium keeping, salt water aquariums definitely provide the opportunity to develop a more vivid and striking tank environment which presents many different options and choices in fish and aquarium communities. Salt water tanks can be a bit tricky; consequently it might be wise to embrace the following five suggestions in choosing your initial fish community for your first salt tank.


  1. Adaptability

Salt water fish generally need more tank consistency, maintenance, and monitoring than their fresh water counterparts. This makes sense considering the ocean provides a more stable environment for its inhabitants than does a freshwater body of water which often changes in size, depth, and temperature. For your first fish community, consider those salt water fish that are more resilient and can adapt to small changes and fluctuations in temperature, salt levels, or oxygen content. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with ways to keep any fluctuations at a minimum.


  1. Cost

Though some of these fish are brilliantly colored, uniquely shaped, and capture attention and eye-appeal, they are a significant investment.

Imagine the extra heartache you might feel if you found your two hundred dollar fish floating on top of the water as opposed to your five dollar fish. Obviously, you do not want to lose any fish while starting your aquarium, but inevitably, it happens. At Fintastic, there are many wonderful fish selections to be had at around twenty dollars if cost is an issue for you.


  1. Compatibility

Saltwater fish can be rather aggressive and it is important to consider fish that will be able to get along with other fish in the tank. Some are definitely more compatible than others. At Fintastic, you can get great input from friendly sales associates to help you make an informed decision on the types of fish that get along with one another.


  1. Feeding requirements

There are saltwater fish that can be extremely high maintenance when it comes time to feed them. Some need live food, or food that has to be presented in a certain manner, while some fish will pretty much eat whatever food you put in there for him. You will appreciate an easy going eater more than you might think. Our Fintastic staff is more than willing to get you the right foods for any fish you pick out and even demonstrate the particular fish’s feeding behavior.


  1. Fish size

Salt water fish are more affected by tank size; the rule of thumb is approximately one inch of fish for every four to five gallons of water.

Though this estimate is conservative, it is important that you purchase fish knowing the size that they will reach when they are full grown. Some fish will grow from one inch to three or four inches, whereas other one inch fish may grow to eight or nine inches in size. We can assist you in finding a tank large enough to be able to accommodate your favorite fish when it reaches its adult size or help pick fish that will stay a comfortable size for the tank you have.


Fintastic can help you on your road to success by utilizing a strategy that keeps these five important points in mind. So stop by Fintastic and set up that dream tank you’ve always wanted and feel safe relying on our great staff to help you get there.


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