Reef Aquarium Parasites

Reef tank parasites such as cryptocarion (Ich) and Amyloodinum (Velvet disease) are ubiquitous and almost impossible to completely eradicate when you are first establishing your tank. Traditional treatments would be fatal to most of the invertebrates you may be trying to raise.

Although there are several methods for controlling these parasites, and fierce differences of opinion as to which method is the best, the most effective way to protect your fish is to introduce it to your tank in the most stress-free way possible.

Carol Bowerin, in her 1983 book, stated that the effects of Ich and Velvet disease are rarely found in the wild. This leads us to believe that a healthy, nonstressed fish is better able to fend off diseases. Avoid water change shock as much as possible. Taking care that the salinity and pH of your tank, and that of the

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