Foolproof Freshwater Fishkeeping

  1. 21312038191_493afb3767_zNever clean anything with soap.  Use only water.  If anything has ever touched soap, throw it away.  Avoid
    toxins introduced on your hands: hand lotion, gasoline or motor oil, tobacco.


  1. Always dechlorinate your tap water.  Make sure new water is the same temperature as your old water.


  1. Filters need to run all the time.  If your old filter is too noisy, get a new one; don’t turn it off at night!


  1.  Stocking:  Start with a LOW population: about 1 gourami-sized, 2 platy-sized or 4 neon-sized fish per 10 gallons.


  1.  The first month is the hardest.  For the first 30 days:
  2. Do NOT add more fish, even if some die.
  3. Feed only once per day.  Food should be completely gone in 30 seconds, or you gave them too much.
  4. Don’t do any water changes unless you have an emergency (if you do, call us!).  Yes, do replace water lost to evaporation.
  5. Can’t wait a month?  We have products to help speed this process (bottled good bacteria).


  1. After the first month, bring us a cup of tank water for a free water test.  We’ll let you know if you’re ready for more fish, and help you choose fish that get along together.  You can add a few fish every week until your tank is fully stocked; don’t put too many in at once.


  1. After the first month, begin regular tank maintenance.  Remove and replace 1/4 of the water every week, using a gravel cleaner.  Always dechlorinate and match temperature.


  1. After the first month, a good feeding schedule is twice daily. Feed SMALL portions.  A more varied diet will give you healthier, more colorful fish; ask for suggestions.


  1. Depending on the brand, your filter probably has a cartridge that should be replaced monthly, and another part that should NEVER be cleaned or replaced; it’s a home for good bacteria that your tank needs to thrive.  Ask us if you’re not sure.

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