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Fintastic started in 1992 as the Carolina’s first full service aquatic retail and aquarium maintenance dealer with the largest and highest quality freshwater and saltwater species serving the Charlotte metro area.


Charlotte NC Aquarium Sales, Maintenance & Services

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Custom Design

Our aquarium design services precede the actual installation phase. Our team will collaborate with contractors on larger, more involved projects and provide expert consultation.

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Aquarium Setup

The setup phase can be very involved and there is typically a certain amount of carpentry involved. Our technicians work with all types of home and business setups.

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Technical System Support

For any aquarium to function efficiently, the water needs to be balanced just right. This requires the right infrastructure to be in place.

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Life Support Systems

One of the main components of any aquarium is the life support system, which is entrusted with keeping the water free from impurities.

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Individual Solutions

It is important to note that all aquarium installations are different and what works in one situation may not work in another.

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Aquarium Cleaning

Keeping your aquarium clean is a more-involved task than some people may realize. It is also integral to maintaining good health among your fish.

An exceptional way to add a unique and distinctive accent to your home or office is with Living Art. Whether it be a standard or a custom aquarium, the exceptional centerpiece will add constant motion to gaze upon and be more entrancing than looking into a real wood burning fireplace. Living Art is not only relaxing and tranquil, but is entertaining and educational. Spend time exploring our picture gallery of aquariums, fish and coral to see what exciting options are available to choose from.
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