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Fintastic started in 1992 as the Carolina’s first full service aquatic retail and aquarium maintenance dealer with the largest and highest quality freshwater and saltwater species serving the Charlotte metro area.


Aquarium Maintenance

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Not every aquarium owner is skilled in the essential ways of maintaining and cleaning their tank and all its components. This is where the professionals at Fintastic can step in and help. We provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the life, color and functionality of your Living Art aquarium environment.

Aquarium Cleaning

Keeping your aquarium clean is a more-involved task than some people may realize. It is also integral to maintaining good health among your fish. At Fintastic, our cleaning services apply to cleaning the aquarium’s exterior and interior. We also take care of the cleaning of light fixtures, filter, aquarium covers and other supporting components.

Aquarium Testing

Maintaining your aquarium requires regular water checks. This applies to a host of different parameters. At Fintastic, we check your quality of water while also testing the filter flow, chemical balance and water temperature. Our comprehensive testing is part of our regular maintenance and it will make sure your fish have the best environment. Testing more specifically applies to the following items:

pH Level Nitrate Level Phosphate Level
Calcium Level Magnesium Level Salinity
General Hardness kH Level TDS Level

Freshwater and Saltwater Maintenance

Our Freshwater aquarium maintenance services include routine partial water changes, water testing and removal of algae. Our technicians will also replace any pads and cartridges that need to be changed and add any chemicals or chemical medias as needed. We will also ensure the inside filter is completely cleaned. The saltwater cleaning service is similar to the freshwater cleaning with a few exceptions. Our technicians will be sure to check the salinity and make the necessary adjustments, in addition to providing all the other services.

Large Aquarium Maintenance

Dealing with large aquariums is often an easier process than maintaining smaller tanks, mainly because system shocks are handled better in large tanks. Ensuring the water quality parameters are at the right level is also a task that is made easier in larger tanks. The technicians at Fintastic will monitor all levels and when any get out of balance, the water will be promptly changed.

Custom Maintenance

There are standard and custom maintenance plans customers can choose from at Fintastic. It is our goal to make sure your aquarium is operating at its best. Some aquariums require more attention than others and our staff will make the proper recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your aquarium. We also provide replacement parts when something goes wrong. Our technicians will walk you through the maintenance process and carefully explain each detail.