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Fintastic started in 1992 as the Carolina’s first full service aquatic retail and aquarium maintenance dealer with the largest and highest quality freshwater and saltwater species serving the Charlotte metro area.


Aquarium Moving


Moving an aquarium to a new location requires a long list of things to do. Packing up your belongings and moving them is a time-consuming ordeal in itself. So when it comes to moving your aquarium, it is a good idea to put that duty in the hands of the experts. There are a lot of specifics to address and it is also important that your aquarium and fish are handled with care. Fintastic has years of experience moving all types of aquariums to all types of locations. Below is more about our array of services.

Packing your Aquarium

Our aquarium moving service begins with packing your aquarium the right way. This is followed by a proper loading of the aquarium. We also take precautionary measures when transporting your filtration system as the bacterial balance could become an issue without the flowing of water. Size is also no issue as our staff has successfully moved aquariums of all sizes. And once your new location is reached, we will unpack the aquarium and ensure that it is reassembled properly. If you move out of our service area, we take that same care and precautions as with moves within our area. We can even find a new service provider for you where you may be moving to.

Keeping fish, plants and coral healthy on the move

An important thing to know is that there are proper steps to take when moving aquarium inhabitants. Your fish live in their own ecosystem that provides a healthy environment. Here are some tips to consider prior to moving your aquarium:

  • Try to change about 20 percent of the water each of the five days preceding your move
  • Refrain from feeding your fish 24 hours before your moving date
  • In instances where moves take more than a few hours, contact a professional aquarium moving service

Our team of experienced professionals will take every measure to ensure your aquarium inhabitants are transported safely. There are a lot of precautionary measures most fish owners fail to take during the moving process and Fintastic can eliminate those mistakes.

Lifting Aquariums

Aquariums are considered to be heavy and delicate and are not easily lifted. A simple move is not so simple as there are great risks during transport. Aquariums are designed a certain way in order to hold the glass panels intact. The larger the tank, the more susceptible it is to popping an aquarium seam or even breakage. Fintastic will use all the proper moving equipment and take all the proper steps to ensure your aquarium is safely delivered to your new location.

Our aquarium moving service is available to anywhere in the world. Contact Fintastic today and a customer service associate will take care of all your needs when it comes to aquarium moving in Charlotte and beyond.