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Fintastic started in 1992 as the Carolina’s first full service aquatic retail and aquarium maintenance dealer with the largest and highest quality freshwater and saltwater species serving the Charlotte metro area.


Custom Aquariums

o_1agq2e6qr1i1i191f1e6gojs102c34 An exceptional way to add a unique and distinctive accent to your home or office is with Living Art. Whether it be a standard or a custom aquarium, the exceptional centerpiece will add constant motion to gaze upon and be more entrancing than looking into a real wood burning fireplace. Living Art is not only relaxing and tranquil, but is entertaining and educational. Spend time exploring our picture gallery of aquariums, fish and coral to see what exciting options are available to choose from.

3 Steps to achieving beautiful living Art

  1. Start with looking around the home or office for space that is open or being occupied by unused furniture/decorations/pictures/etc. Aquariums can be of many shapes and be in most locations. Options are in the wall, adjacent to a wall, a room divider, filling an unused corner or even a centerpiece to be able to walk all around. 
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  2. The budget range allocated would be the next step. Many aquarium owners say after the first six months of having an aquarium is that they wish they would have gone larger. We find it is better to stretch the budget to maximize the aquarium size and its supporting equipment and let the animals and decorations grow with time. Equipment budget ranges for a completely installed system are as follows:
    1. Freshwater – $60 – $90 per gallon
    2. Saltwater Fish Only – $75 – $110 per gallon
    3. Saltwater Reef/Coral system – $90 – $130 per gallon
  3. Reach out to Fintastic to begin discussions addressing 1 & 2 above. At this point, we can provide guidance with reviewing plans or making site visits to add clarity in the creation/decision process.