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Fintastic started in 1992 as the Carolina’s first full service aquatic retail and aquarium maintenance dealer with the largest and highest quality freshwater and saltwater species serving the Charlotte metro area.


Pond Installation

Installing a pond on your property can create an entirely new look and feel. There is a certain aesthetic beauty that comes with having a pond and that can all be yours with a call to Fintastic. Our team of technicians can install the pond of your choosing with a step-by-step service. We provide the following services as part of our pond installation:

  • Pre-formed pond installation
  • Pond reconstruction
  • Fiberglass pond installation
  • Waterfall installations
  • Stream installations
  • Aeration systems
  • Rubber lining

There is a specific process applied to our pond installation and that typically begins with the excavation, which is followed up by the creation of shelves for plants. Bottom drains and side wall skimmers are utilized to ensure the entire pond is filtered to the best level possible. We start by putting down an underlayment which is topped with a liner. There are other details involved with this process, ones that we attend to with great care. The Fintastic team handles every part of pond installation from start to finish.

Finishing your pond

You will be able to select the type of stone that sits around the edge of your pond. Fintastic will present a wealth of options for customers to choose from. We will take care of installing a filter and a pump to keep your pond running smoothly. Once all that is taken care of, then comes the fun part. You will be able to select which plants and fish you would like in and around your pond.

Some customers prefer fish ponds as koi is a popular choice of fish. Others prefer a pond that cascades with the harmonious sounds of a small waterfall or even a series of waterfalls. Whatever your preference, Fintastic can meet your needs. Our design team will provide every customer with insight and advice that can help select a pond that will really make your backyard pop. There are also other features to consider, such as pond lighting, fountains and other accessories.

Your own ecosystem

Installing a pond on your property is essentially the same as installing a whole new ecosystem. This will provide a new wildlife setting, which will welcome all kinds of animals and organisms. Ponds play a role in the existence of birds, frogs, plants and many other organisms. This ecosystem is also part of a larger ecological environment. It can be a haven for organisms and your very own personal paradise. Maintenance is also relatively low and Fintastic has you covered when it comes to maintaining your pond.